The 21st Century Energy Group is proud to offer to you a new concept in business automotive fuel budgeting. We currently own and operate 13 Automated Fueling depots to service your car, van or truck fleet in the Western Pa. area. We will be opening a 14th location in the near future.

CardLock Fueling

Automated Fueling Inc. is a cardlock type fleet fueling system which gives individuals as well as businesses control and oversight on their fuel usage. Our system utilizes a swipe card that looks similar to a credit card that electronically records each fuel transaction along with vehicle mileage at the time of fueling. Each fuel transaction for that individual or fleet is compiled and consolidated on one easy to read invoice.  This method of billing allows individuals and businesses to budget and automate their fueling costs and office processing without relying on printed receipts from each transaction. Each invoice includes the individual card holder’s usage, cost, and mileage for that billing period, allowing fleet managers to easily determine fuel usage by vehicle.

This cardlock fueling system brought to you buy Automated Fueling Inc. also allows fleet managers to control what type of fuel each card holder can dispense, as well as preset time periods and days that the card is active. This specific control over dispensing eliminates unauthorized fuel transactions and ensures card holders are only using fuel that is intended for their vehicle.  Fleet managers also have the ability to deactivate a user’s card when needed for even tighter control.

If you think this fueling option may help optimize your operation, please contact us for more information about becoming an Automated Fueling Inc. customer.

Pacific Pride®

Automated Fueling Inc is also an independent franchisee of the Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling System, a nationwide cardlock fueling system. Being a part of Automated Fueling Inc. gives you access to hundreds of Pacific Pride fueling sites because your Automated Fueling Inc. fleet card is also accepted at all Pacific Pride locations across the country. Several of our Automated Fueling Inc. sites are also part of the Pacific Pride fueling system, allowing those who are already Pacific Pride card holders an additional fueling location.

Visit Pacific Pride's® Webiste For More Information about Nationwide Fueling Locations

Visit Pacific Pride online for nationwide fueling options

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